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The Third Annual Innovators Forum at WEFTEC

On Sep 25, Dr. Yaoming Pei was invited to join the third annual Innovators Forum at Water Environment Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) as the associate of Umore Cleantech Consulting (Canada).

This forum was hosted by Current Innovation and corporate with the Water Environment Federation (WEF), BlueTech Research and Imagine H20. It had featured two panels leading-edge topics, to discuss and to range from workforce gaps in intelligent water systems to data-science innovations in the water and wastewater sectors. Also, the forum invited vital leaders of the water industry to explore how these new technologies can help to solve the problems and the potential opportunities.

WEFTEC 2019 at Mccormick Place, Chicago

Dr. Wei Feng(left), the VP of Umore Cleantech Consulting with Dr. Yaoming Pei

UMORE and Associates table

Dr. Wei Feng as a speaker represent for Umore Cleantech Consulting company

WEFTEC 2019 Exhibition

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