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2021 Holiday Message from Your Dear Friend Yaoming

My Friends, Clients, Partners:

2020 was a hard year for everyone.

I have to admit that this year we have very much fallen back onto almost every business. Not a few of our and our client's projects were paused or even terminated. We have a lot of great workmates who have to leave this country. We have a few friends who were laid off. We have friends who have lost their loved ones during the pandemic. I lost my dear uncle and that was a heartbreak to me and my family.

2020 is dramatically different to us. We have to stay at home to live, work and make other people safe. We get used to meeting each other online. We get used to walking alone, staying alone and shopping alone.

But we have great memories together, don't we? These memories make us strong. These memories bring us hope. These memories become the reason we don’t give up.

Looking back through the past three years of business, I would say I had a lot of fun and heartfelt collaboration with our clients and partners rather than primarily focus on getting profit from doing businesses. I would say I love helping more people achieve their goals rather than rush to grow the company rapidly .

Because of you, my friends. We can stand still with a smile.

Because of you, my workmates. We can work out the tough situation.

Because of you, my clients. Our company can be still running.

Because of you, my partners. We can keep on going.

Thank you my dear friends, clients, partners! United we stand!

Happy new year! We wish you a great 2021. See you soon, I mean face to face.


Yaoming Pei











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