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Human Resource Service

We link you to the right people.

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Human Resource

We help you find the perfect talent fit for you business.

General Human Resource Service    

  • Job description questionnaire (JDQ), analyze the job description and recruitment advertisement writing;

  • Publish a recruiting advertisement online through BRIGHT PEI Consulting and its certified partner recruiting channel;

  • Review candidates resume;

  • Provide candidates' resumes and comments to clients.

Premium Human Resource Service    

  • All services from the “General Service” package;

  • Interview guide service;

  • Represent clients to arrange and execute the three interview processes, including phone interview, job-match assessment, and face-to-face interviews;

  • Candidate comprehension reports (Includes “Interview report, Hard/Soft skill evaluation Report, and candidate’s recommendation reports”)

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Payroll Vendor General Consulting   

  •  Employee payroll service, compliance, and vendor application planning (vendor comparison and selection); 

  • Regular employees (≥2) payroll service/insurance vendor research consulting (local service vendor, in Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Spanish); 

  • Only one employee payroll service and insurance solution;

  • Onsite payroll service/Insurance vendor system setup assistant and consulting; 

  • Discounted service provider rate available through our recommendation.

Personal Service

We help indentify your strengths and boost your career to the next level.

General Personal Consulting*    

  • Identify customer's life, education, work, or business needs in Chicago.

  • Provide general solution suggestions based on the specific situations.

Personal Career Consulting

  • Personal Career Evaluation test and report.

  • Career Planning. Resume Editing. Job interview Training.

  • One on One Professional Coaching.

  • Paid internship opportunity.

  • Job referral for qualified candidates.



Since day one, BRIGHTPEI Consulting has assisted various clients either to start their own startup business or to discover their career potential as an individual. Using the right tools for the right people, that's how we accelerate success.

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