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Business Consulting Service

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We translate in-depth research into intelligent business solutions.

Business Research

Marketing Research    

  • Based on the Chicago area, using a quantitative method to analyze the marketing segmentation, consumer satisfaction, and preference, provide the information and data regarding sales, potential demand, and consumption characteristics;

  • Quantitatively define the concept to motivate customers and position in the market;

  • Build up pop-up or short-term and long-term communities, and help the client connect to sale network-related vendors.

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​Consumer Behavior/Experience Research    

  • Create customer feedback questionnaire via online discussion or mobile-friendly survey, an in-person interview may apply when needed;

  • Analyze the factors that influence consumers’ experience with the quantitative method, raise improvement suggestions focusing on the product’s function and organization;

  • Help establish the continuous improvement plan and process, build a sustainable development strategy according to customer feedback with advanced analytics.

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Product Research    

  • To help the clients to create product survey questionnaires;

  • Evaluate the product potential demand by product pretesting, qualitatively analyze the market share of similar products;
    To help the clients to create product research reports of the product’s promotion strategy, predict the line-stretching strategy and collaboration mode.

Industrial Research   

  • Provides the industrial data from certified/qualified provider (authoritative public information platform, industry association, research institution, scholar/expert association, etc.);

  • Generate a research proposal based on the client's realistic demand and data availability, reliability, and validity;

  • Analyze the updated regulatory policy, oversees the environment, macro-economic situation and predict future trends, list the potential investable projects, and provide a full report in the client’s native language.

Operation Strategy Consulting

Business Operation Consulting  

  • ​Operation problem identification questionnaire

  • Interview, consulting, and solution report

  • Assign an experienced business consultant to work closely with the client and provide customized service


Operation Research & Consulting 

  • Business research proposal

  • General business information and data research

  • Offline and onsite business investigation and research

  • Full Business Research Report: comprehensive research report base on online and offline research will be provided, including questionnaire survey data analysis, cross-sectional statistical analysis, and other analysis methods proposed

  • Business patent & Trademark consulting 

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Social Media Marketing Strategy  

  • Chinese and English social media channel setup and maintenance service, including setup, maintenance, and periodical updated

  • Bilingual content drafting, editing, publishing

  • We also provide branding services, including graphic design, photography, video production, live stream, etc.

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Sitting on Little Italy’s Taylor Street in Chicago, Living Water Tea House is a contemporary East Asian tea parlor. This open and calming space features East Asia-sourced tea and Chinese handcrafted artful tea-ware.

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