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Christmas and New Year Greeting from BRIGHT PEI Consulting


BRIGHT PEI Consulting wishes you and all your beloved joyful holidays and a New Year filled with happiness! In the past three years, BRIGHT PEI Consulting has completed our “Three Year Three A” project.

  • We have sent “A” group of outstanding talents to China.

  • We have helped “A” troop of excellent talents obtained jobs and work in the United States.

  • We have assisted and incubated “A” bunch of startups and small businesses growing vigorously in the greater Chicago area.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


在2019年圣诞节新年来临之际,明佩咨询在此谨祝您和您的所有亲人圣诞和新年快乐幸福,万事大吉! 在过去的三年里,明佩咨询成功实现了创业伊始的“三个一工程”战略计划:

  • 我们成功地向中国输送了一批优秀人才;

  • 我们顺利地帮助一群优秀人才找到工作并拿到签证留美工作;

  • 我们在大芝加哥地区鼎力协助并培育了一些小微创企业,现已都在蓬勃发展。


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