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Wheatle Peart Annual Global Business Ball

On Aug 10th, 2019, Dr. Yaoming Pei was invited to attend the Wheatle Peart Annual Global Business Ball. It was the third time that Dr. Yaoming Pei as a guest speaker to attend this event hosted by Dr. Toni Wheatle. She is Dr. Yaoming Pei's classmate in doctoral class.

Wheatle Peart is a Global Branding company for different types of businesses. It started from a small scale at the beginning to the hundreds of members under Dr. Wheatle's outstanding management.

From left to right: Dr. Louis Carter II, Environmental Engineering Organization, Inc.; Dr. Linda Lamb, the regional manager & independent associate of LegalShield;

Dr. Yaoming Pei with Dr. Toni Wheatle

The guests of Wheatle Peart

Honoree and Speaker List of the event

The list of Wheatle Peart invitees includes BRIGHT PEI and other business partners

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