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Service Provider Partner Talentoday Visits BRIGHT PEI Consulting

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On March 11th, BRIGHT PEI Consulting LLC met with our longtime partner--Talentoday. Sandra Jovanovic, customer success director of Talentoday and Dr. Yaoming Pei, owner and founder of Bright Pei Consulting in Chicago met in our office at the Chicago Board of Trade building, discussing our partnership and how Talentoday cooperated with Bright Pei Consulting to help our clients leverage their soft skills, including startup entrepreneurship personality/job role evaluation, individual career consulting and small business recruiting service.

Dr. Yaoming Pei (left) and Sandra Jovanovic (right)

Talentoday improves career success by delivering personal insights based on psychometrics and predictive analytics. The online social career guidance solution provides a free assessment for individuals and a cloud-based framework for career and HR experts to scale and optimize effective job placement. Millions of users and hundreds of clients in more than 160 countries have chosen Talentoday to increase the outcome of finding the perfect career fit.

Founded by accredited psychologists and HR experts, Talentoday is an affiliate member of the International Test Commission and adheres to the American Psychological Association standards. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Talentoday also has operations in Paris, France.

Talentoday belongs to the International Test Commission (ITC) and adheres to the highest standards of the American Psychological Association (APA).

In October 2018, Talentoday was acquired by Medix, a national organization specialized in workforce solutions and recruiting skilled personnel for clients in the Healthcare, Scientific and Information Technology industries.

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