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2019 UCA-IL JIAOZI Festival

Members of UCA-IL and honored guests

The 3rd Spring Festival Charity JIAOZI Festival, co-sponsored by the United Chinese Americans -Illinois Branch and Pacific Square, was held on January 27th at Pacific Square in the western suburbs of Chicago. The festival booked three Chinese New Year Temple Halls, attracting more than 700 guests and more than 300 volunteers to participate in the service. Political figures from all walks of life and guests celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year, where the Chinese New Year cultural tradition and community charity were combined perfectly, showing the new image of the Chinese and Americans.

Acting consul general Liu Jun with (8th from right) other honored guests from all walks; the fourth from right is the CEO of Bright Pei Consulting

Congressman Raja celebrated the Chinese Year with the Chinese community, saying that his office in Washington is the office of everyone, and he is very happy to listen to the Chinese community. Raja also praised the Chinese dentist Yin Guoquan for charity and philanthropic in India and around the world, and established the American Chinese Association-Yin Guoquan Dentist International Education Scholarship.

On the same day, Liu Jun, the Chinese Acting Consul General in Chicago, brought the New Year greetings and blessings from the motherland, and cordially talked with exhibitors from all walks of life to give thumbs up to the children who learned calligraphy.

Raja gave award to dentist Yin Guoquan (the 3rd from left) who sponsored to set up “UCA-Dr. William International Education Scholarship”

CEO of Bright Pei Consulting and staff are making tea for attendees; on show are many handicrafts made by children

The JIAOZI Festival has been successfully held for three times so far, and the excellent reputation has help sold out the tickets for this event soon. As one of the sponsors, Bright Pei Consulting participated in the registration service since last year, hosted over 600 people every year. Bright Pei Consulting CEO Dr. Yaoming and the staff also made Pu'er tea and black tea for the participants, so that guests can further feel the Chinese culture.

Bright Pei Consulting Table exhibited tea ceremony and other handicrafts

Children are interested in tea art displayed by employee of Bright Pei Consulting

Children are interested in tea art displayed by employee of Bright Pei Consulting

Employee of Bright Pei Consulting gave tea art instruction to teenager volunteer from Cornerstone International Education

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