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Chicago Singer Wang Yi Sweeten the Concert

The concert was hosted by International Women's Association, and sponsored by Bright Pei Consulting. In the picture is Marian Jacobson (second from left), Chair of International Women's Association and the members

Wang Yi

Wang Yi, a famous singer known as "another Deng Lijun" in Chicago community, who conducted a solo concert in west suburb Chicago Glen Ellyn.

The Concert was hosted by the International Women's Association (IWA) and the Chicago Art School, and strongly supported by Bright Pei Consulting, LOV.SHOES, Lotto KTV, Liu Hanping Western Medicine Clinic, Jietong Express, CSC Cabinet, Yunda Express, and Chengdu Impression restaurant. Dr. Yaoming Pei, CEO of Bright Pei Consulting showed up and celebrate the success of her solo concert.

Fantasy finery designed by Rong Zhang, the designer of VERA WANG, queen of wedding dress

Pink veil designed by Shaly Guo, a designer works with Anna Sui

Jenny Jia (first from left), Founder of LOV-SHOES, who is one of the sponsors

Customized cake made by Joe, famous blue ribbon dessert chef

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