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Wheatle Peart Global Business Ball

August 11th, 2018, the Wheatle Peart global annual business ball was held in Chicago. As one of the featured speakers, Yaoming Pei, CEO of Bright Pei Consulting delivered a speech regarding what should you do first when starting business in China with all the global attendees.

Dr. Yaoming Pei, President & Founder of Bright Pei Consulting, attended as one of the speakers

the Two Speakers: Dr. Yaoming Pei and David A. Northern Sr., Chief Executive Officer at Champaign County Housing Authority

Dr. Yaoming Pei (the third one from either side) with some of the organizers

Wheatle Peart is a global marketing and brand development company nearly staffed by African neighborhood. Wheatle Peart helps people develop their personal or business brand (service or product development) by implementing innovative strategies.

Press kit of the event

the Sponsors and Organizers of the event

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