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Dr. Yaoming Pei comments on international students applying for U.S. jobs

Dr. Yaoming Pei is making a report

During the graduation season, many international students owned strong abilities receive no good news after the interview. Experts suggest that in addition to the professional and the position, to show value on company's interests and the love of this work might be easier to attract the recruiting department. However, if you bring H1B and green card issues to early in the interview, your impressive score will be reduced even if you are original from a prestigious university.

Dr. Yao Ming, the president of Bright Pei Consulting LLC, who is mainly responsible for the Chicago-area students project, said that when recruiting employees, HR will first provide a professional overview of the candidates, and learn about the candidates' schools, professions, work experience, length of work, and role in the work project through resumes.

If you meet the professional requirements, HR will begin to learn your personal abilities and personality through telephone, email or face-to-face interview. Some large companies may require long-term considerations and require candidates to answer a set of professional and industrial questions and personality test, to explore whether personality and growth are suitable for the relevant positions. Yaoming pointed out that some international students were very excited after receiving the interview notice. The first interview they threw the question of whether they provide a work visa or a green card, consequently, they would leave the impression of "strong utilitarian", and the interviewers are reasonable to believe that the only thing you concerned is your personal status, without considering whether you can profit the company.

Yaoming pointed out that after Trump tightened the work visa policy, it is not easy to find a job in the United States. In fact, many small and medium-sized companies have no concept of H1B. If employees perform well during the internship, these companies are happy to retain talent. He also advises applicants not to choose unsuitable jobs restrict to your identities, instead, to work harder for the position you intrinsically want the most and pursue the most suitable position.

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