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UCA IL JIAOZI Festival Lights Chicago

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During the event, Bright Pei consulting is responsible for the registration.

the Colorful Dumplings

2018 "Dumpling Banquet" was held by UCA IL Chapter and Oriental Chinese School, combined with Cornerstone Education and Chicago Chinese American Citizens Alliance, and ended successfully on 10th February.

The event combines the Chinese New Year culture, the spirit of Chinese volunteer service, and the charity and charity of the local community in the United States, attracting nearly 600 participants from the Chinese community in Chicago and other ethnic groups. ABC7, NBC5 and other mainstream media TV stations broadcast the report of the dumpling banquet in the first time, which caused strong repercussions and praises in the Chinese community and mainstream society in Chicago.

Chen Jian, chairman of the UCA-IL Chapter of the United States, said that the "Dumpling Banquet" Chinese New Year celebration is an important part of the "Chinese New Year Plan" of the National Chinese Federation in the Chicago area. In addition to promoting Chinese traditional culture and promoting the communication between the Chinese community and the mainstream society, the “Dumpling Banquet” also has a canned food fundraising campaign to contribute to the community charity and show the positive image of the Chinese community.

Lily Chen (first from left), Chair of UCA-IL and Haipei Xue (in the middle), Chairman of UCA

Group Photos of attendees

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