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2018-2019 Projects Preview

1.Cornerstone Education Wuhan Project

Project Target:

A. Build up the cornerstone education brand in Wuhan city.

B. Provide marketing research, public relationship services, HR and IT services.

C. Generate stable and fast growing B2B and B2C sales channel.

Introduction of Cornerstone Education Inc:

Cornerstone Education Inc is a fast growing Education Consulting company based in Chicago/Shanghai which provide Education Consulting,International Dorm,CS-Homestay Program, Cornerstone Direct Training for Chinese international Students.

Not similar as the general oversea education agency company. Cornerstone has their very unique educational method "Dual-Q“ (IQ and EQ) training in their entire service circle.

Besides that, Cornerstone have great passion and program for these international student to explore the real society of the united states. Every student of Cornerstone have chance to participate in the social volunteer program.

All of these services and training not only bring the students great self-cognition but also provide a great value to build up their application and entry the top universities in the U.S.

Picture of Cornerstone Education Company and their students:

Please find their video for community service in Chicago:

Introduction of Wuhan City of China:

Wuhan is always being called " Oriental Chicago" in China, since it has very similar features with Chicago. It is located in center of China. It has great lake around the city and Yangtze river cross the city though China mainland to the pacific ocean.

Just like Chicago, Wuhan has great a foundation in manufacturing industry and also the great location. Wuhan city has two top ten University of China: Wuhan University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Their academic position are similar to Northwestern University and University of Chicago in the U.S.

For more details of Wuhan please check the video following:

2. Industrial Research Service

BRIGHT PEI Consulting LLC will provide a comprehensive research report based on Client's request, especially focused on the different Industry in China and the U.S. The project include the following components but not limited.

1. Research Macroeconomic and Microcosmic trend and policy of China and the U.S.

2. Industrial Research on traditional business, financial industry or manufacturing. 3. Translate and analyze the current and historical public news, event, public information of company or industry based on client’s related information needs. 4. Generate the summary and research analysis report.

Disclaimer: Researcher and BRIGHT PEI Consulting LLC only provide the information research services all based on the public information with no warranty results and no investment suggestions thereon.

Research Publication of Social Media and Eating Habits

3.Innovation and startup entrepreneur visiting exchange program

Program Target:

A. Promote the relationship and communication for the innovation/startup company or organizations between China and United States.

B. Create potential corporation opportunity for participants.

C. Create great marketing opportunities to Chinese consumer and U.S. consumer.(BRIGHT PEI Consulting LLC will provide local media and marketing service support)

Program Benefits:

1. Expand your business in Chinese/U.S. Market.

2. Potential cooperation opportunities in business.

3. Obtain the knowledge of the innovative entrepreneurship in China/U.S.

4. BRIGHT PEI Consulting will provide a comprehensive research report based on this start-up and innovation exchange program to both parties.

5. BRIGHT PEI Consulting will provide the comprehensive marketing materials based on this program to both parties for future companies marketing purpose use.

6. Visiting exchange between China and United States.

Disclaimer: All participants will need to sign the copyrights release form for marketing materials, BRIGHT PEI reserve the right to make change/adjustment to this program.

Reference video from mHUB Manufacturing Incubator (Chicago)

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