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Online Platform Projects Intro

IT department have helped clients build and grow their business. We not only provide IT resources for developing online platform but also consulting services to analyze the market. Here are some of projects examples:


NeighborTrade provides an online sale & rental service based on local community. It aims to develop trusted, local, peer sharing economies based on community by bringing a positive, non-wasteful, ecologically friendly lifestyle to neighborhoods. In this platform, users can list their unused items for rental or sale. The on-site agent helps processing off-line transaction to save users’ time and effort while protecting their privacy.

We serve our client by providing IT resources to develop desktop & mobile website. We are also helping the client develop the strategies of promoting it in local community.


AM Polaris (Assets Management Polaris) is a user-oriented, technology-driven asset management Internet platform. It involves both asset and investment sides and actively integrates third-party online & offline resources. The platform is characterized by:

1) Real-time and accurate aggregation of investment information in Internet and mobile Internet;

2) Intelligent matching and personalized recommendations based on big data analysis of investment demand and asset information.

3) Integration of online and offline resources in the asset management industry chain to clear up the asymmetry of investment information and better meet the needs of both asset side and asset management side.

We serve our client by looking for engineer team with appropriate skills to develop the platform. We also provide consulting services on how to effectively build the connections with local estate agents.


MyChopstick is a platform focused on the collection of food discount information for consumers. The restaurants can push their discount info to the platform and consumers can order the dishes based on the discount price, then users bring the generated barcode for scanning when they consume in the restaurants.

We serve our client by developing the whole business plan from product design, market analysis to implementation procedures in practice.


It is content-based website for the business on telemedicine and medical treatment in China and US. Based on client’s need, we suggest building the website using an open-source software "Drupal". We also gave them some useful advises on how to develop the market in China.

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