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Start-up Business Milestone Consulting


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Our Cases

The Milestone I

Help to start up your business plan
  • Client entrepreneur personality evaluation test and report;

  • Business plan, product and business model evaluation test and report;

  • Marketing research plan report;

  • Service provider comparison report;

  • Short-term and long-term financial plan report;

  • Client company’s logo, slogan, website design, and related information services.

The Milestone II

Help to register your business and to reach out all the resources
  • The Startup Company client’s business plan and financial plan are fulfilled, which leads to the business meeting BRIGHT PEI Consulting’s business launch standard;

  • The Startup Company client will successfully register the company and record-related registration information with the City of Chicago;

  •  BRIGHT PEI will provide the general resources of establishing a company legally in Chicago;

  •  BRIGHT PEI will assist the client in choosing the suitable service providers to meet the client’s current needs and requests;

  • The Startup Company would successfully launch its products through the channel that was chosen at the Milestone I. 

The Milestone III

Help to nourish your business
  • BRIGHT PEI will help the client identify the problems based on Milestone II’s progress and feedbacks. BRIGHT PEI will provide recommendations for any adjustments needed in business and management operation. After the consultation and adjustment, the Startup Company will at least reach the breakeven point;

  • BRIGHT PEI will provide great connections to qualified investors and integrated marketing firms for the Startup Company to further fulfill its goal. These resources are always of high rank in the community or the related industry. Some of them may be BRIGHT PEI’s service providers or business partners;

  • After all these services, the Startup Company clients will be able to run the business fully on their own and the business will be able to expect at least an estimated 10%~20% growth rate.  

  • * Growth rate is not guaranteed. Please see contract for details.

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