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CGCC Chicago 2018 Annual Gala

Since its inception in July 2015, China General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC) has became the mainstay of the Chinese-funded company in the Midwest. Under the leadership of the Board of Governors with the support of the the Chinese Consulate General, and the local governments of the nine states including Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin, the work is progressing steadily. From 2000 to 2017, Chinese companies invested $20.3 billion in the above nine states, providing more than 45,000 local jobs.

Business Forum Sign of CGCC Chicago 2018 Annual Gala

Photo of some of the participants, including Chancellor Man Sujie (second from left), Head master of Chicago North Shore Chinese Center, Dr Pei (third from left), President & Founder of Bright Pei Consulting, Ashley Moy (third from right) of Cast21 and Li Ren (second from right), CEO of Cornerstone Education.

Dr. Yaoming pei with Ashley Moy from Cast21

Dr. Yaoming Pei with Kwan Segal, CEO of ICAway

Kwan and Li Ren

Li Ren and Dr. Yaoming Pei

From left to right: Kwan Segal, Li Ren, Man Sujie, and Dr. Yaoming Pei

Organized by Bright Pei Consulting, representing the startups of Cornerstone Education, Chicago, Chicago North Shore Chinese Center, Cast21, ICAway, and Bright Pei Consulting

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