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Our Former Consultants

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Great Alumni
Our Former Consultants

Bright Future Starts From BRIGHT PEI

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At Bright Pei Consulting, our workplace fosters a culture of ongoing learning and development, where we support each other's growth through shared experiences.

Our alumni represent the foundation of our organization and their contributions have helped shape our culture and success. Whether how long you were with us, we will always be a part of your legacy. 

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Former Consultants

Snow Xu

Former Position: Business Researcher and Development Analyst Currently working with: SoFi Projects Involved: Data Analyst; Mental health product; Marketing research; Product research; Patents research; Operation management

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Janine Zhong

Former Position: Product Design Consultant Currently working with: Ansys Projects Involved: UX Design; Website set up

  • LinkedIn

Max Ma

Former Position: Financial Researcher Currently working with: King Muir Fund Advisors, LLC Projects Involved: Macro and Micro Economy Research; Chinese Financial Industrial Research; Research Training Program.

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Jake Fang

Former Position: Business Consultant Projects Involved: Living Water Tea House financial data analyst; Pricing mode; Finance report

  • LinkedIn

Penny Lan

Former Position: Graphic Designer/ Brand Strategist Currently working with: XXX Projects Involved: Graphic Design

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Eric Zhou

Former Position: Business Consulting in Marketing Currently working with: Nielsen (China) Projects Involved: Foreign company’s localization research Marketing research report writing, editing, and translation; BRIGHT PEI Consulting’s public relationship and promotion in AMA (American Marketing Association)

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Sam Fan

Former Position: Product Engineer/Consultant. Projects Involved: Product Design; Data Analyst

  • LinkedIn

Sarah Chiang

Former Position: Business Management Consultant Currently working with: LI HAI LLC Projects Involved: BRIGHT PEI Incubator Project; Small Business Operation Consulting; Company Public Administration Support

  • LinkedIn

Crystal Pan

Former Position: Business Consultant in HR Currently working with: Cornerstone Education (China) Projects Involved: Cornerstone Education project (Chicago local international student boarding school service); HR management strategy research

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