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First Anniversary of mHUB

Today is the first anniversary celebration of the industrial product incubator mHUB in Chicago. As one of the members, I participated in this grand event. Chicago industrial manufacturing, universities, laboratories, political circles, and business people were all present, celebrating mHUB's first birthday. In just one year, mHUB brought more than $40 million in capital investment to Chicago Industrial Manufacturing Street, created more than $20 million in revenue and more than 360 jobs. There is reason to believe that soon, Chicago's industrial manufacturing and innovation and entrepreneurship will have a longer-term development. I wish all the entrepreneurial pioneers all the way to the end, and finally harvest fruitful results.

Guess it's muffin or artwork?

Ashley Moy of Cast21 is introducing the product



Main office:

Chicago Board of Trade Building

141 W Jackson Blvd, Suite 2016


Tel: 312-291-9554    


Incubator office:

mHUB chicago

965 W Chicago Ave,


Tel: 773-451-5188   


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