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May 6, 2018

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What is campus bullying? What is the reason for this? How should students and parents respond to bullying? Facing the increasingly serious problem of bullying, especially the Chinese students are more likely to be bullied on campus, but most of them are suffering from the situation of psychological distress, “Anti-Campus Bullying” seminar was held in the Living Water Church in Ruibai City, Chicago. On May 6, UCA is focusing on this hot topic that Chinese parents and students seriously concerned about. The psychologists and social experts had a heated discussion with more than 100 students and parents to share valuable experience to bravely face bullying.

 Paul Li is releasing speech

Chen Jian, Chair of UCA-IL Chapter



Dr. Xie Weiyang, Registered Psychologist, Mental Health



At the seminar, Dr. Xie first introduced what is bullying. She believes that bullying is not only limited to verbal and physical conflicts, but also to cyber bullying in terms of taking nicknames, stopping making friends, isolating and isolating, spreading rumors, and cyber social media. Don't shy away, but face it to find an effective solution.

So how do you deal with bullying? Dr. Xie said that for students, they should promptly report to their family members, teachers or other trusted elders. It is also a good strategy for children to make friends in school.

For parents, it is necessary to observe, ask, and listen. The child has abnormal mood, got injured at school, belongings are lost for no reason, and didn't take lunch, these may be the signals that the child is suffering from bullying. If your child is bullied, parents should not blame the child, nor entice fight back, but to replace it with understanding and care. If you are experiencing serious bullying problems, it is not a good idea to contact the parents of the perpetrator directly, but  contact the school immediately.



Dr. Paul Li, Founder of Calvin Jia-Xin Li Memorial Foundation, Cornell University

Dr. Paul Li from Cornell University, who is committed to promoting the health of Chinese youths, said that after the shooting incident in Florida high school in February this year, a high school student in Maryland also suffered from long-term bullying and carrying guns to school under hate, resulting in sentencing for 4 months.

Dr. Paul Li appealed to the parents present to respect the rights of each child as an independent individual. Parents need to foster the relationship between children and help them to establish self-confidence, and that is the effective way to resist bullying. Parents should pay special attention to cultivating children's own confidence and pride of cultural background.


Diana Ly, the youth project manager of the Illinois Vietnam Association



Diana Ly, the youth project manager of the Illinois Vietnam Association, who is currently pursuing a master's degree in social work at the University of Chicago, was ridiculed by her classmates and even her family because overweight. She said that the problem of bullying can be big or small, and establish a correct life values ​​and courage to face it are very important for fighting against bullying. She also teaches her peers a good experience: learn their own meditation, encourage parents to participate, and create an anti-bullying alliance to ensure the healthy growth of young people in the immigrant community.

She also shared a good experience: learn self-meditation, encourage parents to participate, and create an anti-bullying alliance to ensure the healthy growth of young people in the immigrant community.


Organizational representatives and guests, Dr. Yaoming Pei (First from the left), Kong Jing (Fourth from the left), and CEO of Cornerstone Education (Second from the right)


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