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Live Streaming Platform Integration Project

This is a customized service based on professional cloud streaming servers, audio and video equipment provider and specialized operation consulting service.

The new trend of new media marketing is live streaming. Facebook recently launched their personal live video channel and Youtube is also promoting their 360 degree live streaming service.

In China, there are increasing number of live streaming platforms in the market. Along with it comes the rise of many online celebrities (wang hong).

Why do so many companies use live streaming?

1. The cost is relative low considering its potential wide-spread impact.

2. It can be more effective than the traditional way of marketing.

Therefore, when it comes to promoting products and brands, more company are switching to live streaming and new media rather than spending on print media.

There are 5 important characteristics which may significantly influence the customers' live streaming experience:

1. Great Video and Audio quality.

2. Great Presenter.

3. Great Content.

4. Great Interactions.

5. Lowest Privacy Risk.

Live-stream Marketing is a powerful tool for startup and small business. You can be the presenter. You can prepare your content very well. You can also use your smart phone to do live streaming to your customers easily and lively.

Moreover, you can modify your business model based on the feedback provided by the real interactions between you and customer efficiently. All of these are good for building up the trust between your company and your customers.

Our current project is to help business clients integrate live streaming platform into their own website. This is a customized service based on professional cloud streaming servers, Audio and Video Equipment provider and specialized Operation Consulting service.

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